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Product list

At Authele, we mainly handle three types of products: hair care products, skin care products, and health foods.

hair care products

​ A non-silicone formula based on a gentle cleanser that can be used even on sensitive skin.



オーセル オアシス天然コンディショナー

Oasis Natural Shampoo

With a biodegradable design that's kind to the earth
For that salon-quality finish 
sought after by stylists

Hair concers: damaged hair, dried hair

オーセル オアシス天然コンディショナー

Oasis Natural Conditioner

With a biodegradable design that's kind to the earth
For that salon-quality finish 
sought after by stylists

Hair concers: damaged hair, dried hair

オーセル 天然ハーブシャンプー澡

Natural Herbal Shampoo Sou

Non-silicone and free from artificial fragrances
Made with a luxurious blend of natural herbal extracts and essences, 
as well as rare beautifying ingredients

オーセル 薬用SOUシャンプー

​Medicated SOU Shampoo

Formulated with quality amino acid-based cleansers
Medicated shampoo developed to alleviate stress from the scalp
encouraging healthier hair


Medicated SOU Tonic

It is a scalp essence that has the effect of promoting hair growth, promoting hair growth, preventing hair loss, preventing dandruff and itching with the active ingredients of assembly extract, carrot extract, and dipotassium glycyrrhizinate.

skin care products

It is a proud skin care product that contains Authele's original ingredient "nano-sized collagen".

Recommende for sensitive skin, and anti-aging.

オーセル プレミアムクレンジングジェル

Premium cleansing gel

Mineral water from bamboo is used as the base water. The thick texture, which contains sodium hyaluronate and okra extract, blends well with makeup and stays moisturized even after rinsing.

オーセル プレミアムウォッシュフォーム

Premium wash foam

It's a foam type cleanser that comes out with bubbles, so you don't need to whip it. The reason why we stuck to the foam type is that the structure of beauty ingredients such as nano collagen, which is vulnerable to heat, would collapse if it was made using a heat-applying method like a bar soap.

オーセル プレミアムモイスチャーローション

premium moisture lotion

​ The most popular skin care product. The thick texture is like a beauty essence. Depending on your skin type, this one may be enough to moisturize your skin.

オーセル プレミアムエッセンスセラム

premium essence serum

This is a special care essence that contains the largest amount of nano-collagen in the Ocell skin care series and is especially recommended for those who are highly conscious of anti-aging care.

オーセル プレミアムジェルクリーム

premium gel cream

It is a gel cream made with the idea of not only keeping moisture after giving plenty of nutrition and moisture to the skin, but also enhancing the ability to retain moisture itself.

healthy food

We offer two types of health foods. Support your beauty and health from the inside!

プレミアム発酵熟成プラセンタサプリ 120粒30日分.png

Premium Fermented Placenta Supplement

We use safe and high-quality pig placenta raised in domestic certified facilities under strict hygiene control. In order to protect the active ingredients of the placenta, which are vulnerable to heat, it is extracted using a special technique called "freezing enzyme extraction" and then slowly fermented and matured with yeast and brown sugar.

骨太宣言 180粒30日分.png

Honebuto-Sengen(Calcium supplement)

Uses patented "nano calcium" as a bone strengthening agent.

​ This product is recommended not only for those who are concerned about bone density, but also for children who work hard at sports, regardless of age or gender.

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