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Authele Co., Ltd.

Cosmetics manufacturer in Fukuoka Prefecture, Japan

About us

Our company originally started as a beauty salon and esthetic salon management business.
Considering the need for added value that is unique to Authele, we started developing products for commercial use in order to use not only technology but also products used in salons that are truly good. is.
At first, it was only for business use, but many customers wanted to use Authele products at home, so we decided to develop household size products. The salon closed in 2013, but not only customers who used to go to the salon, but also many customers who did not know Authele are using it regularly.

Our policy is not to focus on advertising, but word of mouth has gradually spread, and the number of regular users has increased.
We would like to continue to be a cosmetics manufacturer that makes everyone happy and say, "I'm glad I met Authele products."

Features of Authele products


Authele founder and Technology Development Research Center leader Professor Choi Yoon Seong

Dr.Choi was involved in researching a cure for the aids virus, publishing a number of essays for international journals.
As well as working hard to become an expert in technology, he moved in to the cosmetics industry to pursue his lifelong mission, to create products that inspire others as well as be of real benefit to society. Since then, he has gone on to help produce over 1000 new cutting-edge products.
He is currently utilising his knowledge of biotechnology and extensive product development know-how, to create products that work on a cellular level to bring beauty to the skin and encourage healthy and beautiful hair, while being kind to nature, living things and people. Furthermore, it is Dr. Choi's mission to spread only accurate information regarding what health benefits cosmetics have, and he has published several books on the subject, including "Abunai! Anata no keshouhin" (Your cosmetics could be dangerous!). I has also been a guest researcher at Hokkaido University, and is a member of the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science.

Research and application of natural nano materials

In today's world where nanotechnology has become a familiar part of our lives, it is mainly used in the field of inorganic materials such as semiconductors and electronic circuits.
At our company, we have established a technology to nanonize natural organic matter, which has been indispensable for processing and difficult to maintain physical properties, and we are conducting research and development of materials that enhance the effectiveness of natural organic matter for the human body, not limited to cosmetics and health foods. In addition, we are developing it with a view to applying it to therapeutic agents for intractable diseases such as AIDS and cancer.

Research on botanical preservatives

Preservatives, which play an important role in killing and preventing the growth of germs, are necessary for products, but there are very few botanical preservatives that are registered as cosmetic ingredients. When actually used as a raw material, it is expensive, and various parabens and phenoxyethanol, which have overwhelmingly high cost performance, are often used as preservatives. It is also true. However, it should not be a product without antiseptic effect. Therefore, by combining multiple plant extracts, we are developing ingredients that have an effect as a preservative and can be used at a low cost.

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