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Message from the President

About us

In September 2005, Authele opened total beauty salon "Authele" - a fusion of a hair and cosmetology salon.

At Authele, out philosophy is "how can we go above and beyond our customers expectations?"

We continue to spent days and nights focused on refining what it is that we can do to go the extra mile, so that of all the salons out there, customers choose us.

During this process, customers told us their hair, scalp, skin and body troubles. Wanting to respond to these concerns, we developed own line of products, starting with haircare and extending to skincare and bodycare.

Authele products were made through repeated trial and error, to be used by men and women of all ages affected by skin and hair troubles, while being kind to both people and the planet.

Originally, Authele products were created as salon exclusive treatments, so that customers would be able to immerse themselves in the Authele experience.

However, so many customers told us how they wanted to use our products at home too, and with this, we decided to commence sales.

There are so many people across the country suffering from hair and scalp troubles.

Authele may not a well-known brand, but we are absolutely confident in our abilities to help such people.

We hope that as many people as possible will use Authele products and feel a connection with our philosophy.


Authele. Co. Ltd.


Oishi Kenji

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