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About Us

We will introduce the business contents of Authele, a cosmetics manufacturer in Fukuoka Prefecture.


Research and development of hair care and skin care products

To ensure that what we produce is kind to both humans and the environment, we use well-developed technology and know-how to continue to conduct research and development.

We aim to make things which are free from substances which might harm the environment, as well as products which can be used safely for a long time, while providing consumers with only the facts.


Production and Sales of Hair & Skincare Products

Authele products are produced in our factory in the east of Fukuoka City. As a rule Authele products are only available for online purchase. At present, we run an official online store. We are constantly working on our store contents, to bring our customers exceptional products and designs, as well as fair and affordable pricing.



Authele is currently recruiting partners for wholesale who:
・Feel an affinity with the values and brand concept of Authele
・Can help to spread awareness of the Authele brand
・Can take good care of Authele's gently formulated products


OEM manufacturing

Under the leadership of Dr. Choi Yoon Seong, PhD. in Biotechnology, University of Tokyo Graduate School, Authele produces cosmetic basics and hair care products. For requests, more information, and questions, feel free to contact us.


Import Proxy

Currently, Authele is working as an proxy for importing big brand skincare and haircare products from overseas.
With our wealth of expertise, you can leave it to us.


Overseas Business

With a focus mainly in Southeast Asia, Authele has been conducting overseas business since 2016. We are working hard to share the wonderful benefits of Authele products with people all over the world.

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